Could Donald Trump Be the Next President?

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Donald Trump to get his reaction to a recent poll showing him neck-and-neck with President Obama. Will he make a run for office?

Could Donald Trump one day tell President Obama, "You're fired?"

Trump is neck-and-neck with President Obama in a new poll. The Newsweek/Daily Beast poll says Trump gets 40% of the vote against Obama's 43%, which is a statistical tie.

By contrast, Sarah Palin is 11 points behind Obama in a head-to-head race at 40% to Obama's 51% of the votes.

Trump told INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney he's seriously considering making the plunge into Presidential politics.

McInerney asked, "What's your reaction to this poll that you're running neck-and-neck with Obama?"

Trump said, "I'm very honored by it, but I'm not that surprised because it's really not me, it's a message and people get it. People know that the United States is being ripped off."

The poll is causing shockwaves across Washington. says a Trump vs. Obama race is closer than you think.

And here's what Joe Scarborough said about the poll on The View: "Who can beat Barack Obama? Donald Trump. Yeah baby!" 

But there's some good news for President Obama. His approval rating has climbed to 50%.

Trump said, "I'm seriously thinking about doing it, very seriously thinking about doing it. I'll announce sometime in June or prior to June. I am giving it very serious consideration."

A successful White House run would make Trump's wife Melania, who was born in Slovenia, the new First Lady.