Vindictive Squirrel Leaves City Council Member Hospitalized After He Spoke Out Against 'Aggressive' Rodents

In a Facebook post, Chicago's Alderman Howard Brookins wrote: "I knew when I spoke out about aggressive squirrels, they would be out to get me."

A city council member appears to have received his just desserts after he was viciously attacked by a squirrel – just weeks after he spoke out about aggressive squirrels terrorizing the town.

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Chicago’s Alderman Howard Brookins posted a picture on Facebook last week of a bicycle fallen on its side, with the caption: “I knew when I spoke out about aggressive squirrels, they would be out to get me.”

He was out cycling on the Cal-Sag Trail, the Chicago Tribune reported, when a vindicative squirrel leaped into the front wheel of his bike. The squirrel became lodged in the spokes, and the alderman was sent flying over the handlebars.

Brookins was left with a broken nose, fractured skull, and several missing teeth for which he was hospitalized, and required surgery.

“I can think of no other reason for this squirrel’s actions than that it was like a suicide bomber, getting revenge,” he said, according to the Chicago Tribune. Brookins also called the incident a “freak bicycle accident" in a seperate statement.

Earlier this month, Brookins made an impassioned speech about “aggressive squirrels” destroying city garbage cans on South Side Chicago, the Chicago Sun Times reported.

“It’s a pet peeve,” Brookins said during the October meeting. “It does involve some giggles, but we are spending too much money on replacing the garbage carts because the squirrels continue to eat through them,” he declared in his speech, that was met with giggles.

He went on to explain too much public money was being spent replacing garbage cans, to which the director of animal control responded, “I’m not sure at this time what CACC (City’s Commission on Animal Care and Control) might be able to do about aggressive squirrels. But, let us look into it.”

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In a statement earlier this week, Brookins he assured he was recovering, even though he does have several surgeries in the future for his injuries.

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