Mug Shot Of Charlie Sheen's New Girlfriend Surfaces

Details are emerging about Charlie Sheen’s new girlfriend, including her mug shot, as his family speaks out about Sheen’s struggles. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Charlie Sheen's new girlfriend's name has been revealed. Her name is Natalie Kenly and the good news is, she's not a porn star.
INSIDE EDITION has learned that she is a 24-year-old graphic designer. She is a former cheerleader from Sherman Oaks high school in Los Angeles.

She might not be a porn star, but she was arrested for underage drinking in Lake Havasu, Arizona in 2006. In her mug shot she is almost unrecognizable with brown hair.  

Good Morning America reporter Andrea Canning spoke to Sheen and his new girlfriend on the phone.

Canning said, "She seemed really nice. He told me that he was in love with her. She was in a bad place and he seems to have rescued her from something. He seems to really trust her and says that she's the only one who gets him."  

Meanwhile, Sheen's father Martin Sheen and actor brother Emilio Estevez broke their silence about Sheen's struggles at the London premiere of their new movie The Way.

"We're praying for him, yep. We lift him up and ask everyone who cares about him to lift him up and lift up all those who are in the grip of drug and alcohol abuse," said Sheen's father.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with actress Holland Taylor, who plays Sheen's mom on his hit show, Two and a Half Men. She said Sheen is going back to work with the rest of the cast next week.

"Charlie is a consummate professional. I have never known him to be late to work I care a lot about Charlie and wish him well," said Taylor.