New Tell-All Book Makes Shocking Allegations About Sarah Palin

A former aide to Sarah Palin has written a tell-all book revealing shocking details from inside the Palin camp. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

A new tell-all book, In Blind Allegiance To Sarah Palin: A Memoir Of Our Tumultous Years, paints a scathing portrait of Sarah Palin.  

The Daily Beast obtained a copy of the 500-page manuscript by Frank Bailey, who worked for Palin for three years. His unpublished book claims that Palin complained bitterly about being the Governor of Alaska, saying, "I hate this damn job."

Bailey also writes that Palin's dark side includes "the compulsion to attack enemies, deny truth, play victim and employ outright deception."

Shushannah Walshe is a senior political reporter for The Daily Beast and the author of Sarah From Alaska.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerny sat down with Walshe and asked, "Does the author claim that Sarah Palin uses her children for political gain?"

"That to me is most shocking allegation, that really puts forward Bristol in the spotlight when she was pregnant and that she put Trig her fifth child in the spotlight for child down syndrome. In a way that they're used a political props," said Walshe.

Among the many claims in this book, there is one about Palin's marriage. The book contains e-mails that Bailey says were written by Palin about her husband Todd.

"There's this one e-mail and it says, 'Frank, we're not like other couples we don't talk.' And I thought that was really surprising because of how close they do seem," said Walshe.

There was a speculation that Bristol was the actual mother of Palin's fifth child Trig. Bailey puts that rumor to rest in the book and says that he had seen her after she had given birth.