Dancing With the Cars: Newlyweds Slow Dance on Highway After Traffic Jam Keeps Them From Reception

Traffic had come to a standstill following an accident while they were on the way to their reception.

These two newlyweds shared their first dance in the middle of a massive traffic jam in Ohio over the weekend.

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Traffic came to a standstill after an accident on Route 35 in Dayton Saturday night at the exact time the couple was supposed to be making their grand entrance at the wedding reception.

Cars were stuck for an hour so a motorist suggested they dance in the standstill traffic.

The couple danced to Alison Krauss' "When You Say Nothing At All," as strangers watched from their vehicles and used the hashtag #RescuethePaynes on social media to help the newlyweds reach their destination.

The photographers and videographer Levi Curby Media were able to capture the priceless moment. Curby told Inside Edition that the couple was just half a mile away from their exit when they got stuck.

"I think there were some tears at first but no meltdowns," he said. "They were two sports. They handled the whole thing so well. They did great. The dance turned it into a party."  

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When the newlyweds finally made it to their reception, they were greeted with roaring cheers and showered with love.

Curby said it was "the most exciting wedding" he's ever covered.

For more of his work, see his website here.

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