Grandma with Alzheimer's Bursts Into Tears of Joy at the News of Fidel Castro's Death

It seems that she knew how momentous the news was.

Fidel Castro’s death brought tears of happiness to the eyes of an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s.

Flora Suarez fled Cuba with her children in 1965 when many left the country in fear of Castro’s communist regime.

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Although her daughter Diana Gil wasn’t sure if her mother would understand the news, her emotional reaction confirmed that she did.

In the video, which now has more than 350,000 views on Facebook, Gil asks her mom, “Do you know what good news I have?”

She then wraps the Cuban flag around her mother.

“I have the best news in the world,” Gil tells her. “Fidel Castro died.”

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Flora is clearly overtaken by emotion and bursts into tears.

“My mom has longed for this day for years; it was a privilege to deliver the news to her today. I think she understood,” Gil posted on her Facebook page.

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