Chick Digs 2-Legged Chihuahua After They Were Both Rescued at Several Weeks Old

The pair hit it off as soon as they met four years ago.

A handicapped dog and a chick have become the most unlikely of best friends.

Roo, a Chihuahua, and Penny, a Silkie chicken, hit it off from the moment they laid eyes on each other four years ago.

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Penny was rescued from a testing facility at 9 weeks old, while Roo, who was born without front legs, was found in a ditch at 6 weeks old.

Both were taken to Duluth Animal Hospital just days apart.

“The first time they met, we put Roo into a dog bed at the hospital and Penny came to check to check him out and see what he was. She sat on top of him and they fell asleep,” said their owner Alicia Petersen, who works at the hospital.

Peterson adopted both of them, who come to work with her every day.

“They are my kids,” she told

The dynamic duo are always finding creative ways to play with each other, Petersen said, which is unusual because dogs are predators and chickens are considered prey.

“Chickens are big on food so Penny will steal his treats and Roo will chase her to get it back. Roo will playfully pick at her feathers,” said Petersen. “She’ll also lay eggs in bed and Roo will babysit them.”

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Petersen, who also adopted 10 other chickens, said Roo treats all of them like his little flock, but it’s only Penny who has the special place in his heart.

She’s hoping they’ll live long lives together because both of them have an expected life-span of around 12 years and are the same age.

"They really love each other," she said.

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