Santa Claus is Coming to Dinner: Little Girl Meets Cop Whose Beard Makes Her Think He's St. Nick

The cop was participating in "No-Shave November."

A 3-year-old got the surprise of her life when she ran into "Santa Claus" while out to dinner with her mom in West Virginia.

But "Jolly Old St. Nick" was actually the Milton police chief, whose white beard caught little Kaylee’s attention.

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Chief Joe Parsons is participating in “No-Shave November" to spread awareness for prostate cancer, so when Kaylee walked up to him, he just "rolled with it."

“I saw Santa Claus!” Kaylee told

Kaylee’s mom, Gina, said she was amazed Kaylee was able to make the connection between Parsons and Santa.

“She was very tickled with it. It was a big moment for her,” Gina said.

Parsons said Kaylee hopped up in the booth with him and started talking.

“She was the cutest thing you’d ever see in your life. She had the biggest smile ever. We had a conversation and she just melted my heart,” said Parsons.

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And when Santa asked Kaylee if she’d been good, of course she said yes.

She even told Parsons she wanted a princess Barbie, which he plans on getting her.

“It made my night," Parsons told "It’s the best encounter I’ve had in month. She’s a sweetheart.”

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