Dad Who Spent 32 Hours Accidentally Locked in Jail Gets $600,000

Farad Polk was visiting his son at an Illinois jail when he ended up locked in a room.

An Iliinois man who was locked in a room for more than a day while visiting his son in jail has been awarded more than half a million dollars.

Farad Polk, who was visiting his namesake son when he became trapped in the Cook County Jail for 32 hours, was awarded $600,000 for his traumatic ordeal.

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The shocking mistake occurred in July 2014 when Polk was at the jail and told to "go down the hallway and turn to the right."

He passed through a heavy steel door that slammed shut behind him, The Associated Press reported.

Authorities say the 8-foot-by-8-foot cell was a super-maximum security prisoners' visiting room.

"After five minutes, I'm like 'this ain't right, this ain't happening.' So as I turned around to buzz out, there ain't no buzzer. No buzzer, no intercom, just a room," Polk told reporters during a press conference announcing the suit.

Guards weren't able to hear him scream so Polk remained trapped in the tiny room for 32 hours with no food, water, bedding or a toilet.

Polk remained trapped until he was able to alert authorities to his presence by breaking a sprinkler. 

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Polk's sued for emotional trauma in a lawsuit that claimed jail officials carelessly and negligently instructed him.

The Cook County Sheriff's Department confirmed the settlement. 

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