Lost Mastiff With Broken Leg Reunites With Family After Running Off, Thanks to Microchip

Tinkerbell the mastiff was found hobbling along a river. Rescuers said she was visiting from Arizona with her family when she got spooked and ran off.

If not for a microchip, this lost and injured pooch may have been mistaken for a stray.

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Tinkerbell, an enormous mastiff, was spotted hobbling along the L.A. River on three paws in Santa Monica, California. Her fourth paw appeared to be broken or injured.

"His leg is so swollen," a rescuer from Hope for Paws can be heard saying in footage shot by the organization.

Rescuers approached her slowly, nervous that she would run. Tinkerbell was slowly headed to the ocean, and if she hopped over the fence, rescuers would be unable to reach her, the organization said.

The mastiff panicked, and started running away, but after a bit of struggle, they were able to catch her and eventually calm her down.

The Los Angeles Fire Department also arrived to lend a hand in the form of a cage, which was lowered into the river to get her out. 

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She was brought to a nearby animal hospital, where veterinarians found a microchip that explained the pup was from Arizona.

Tinkerbell had been visiting the area with her family a month ago when she was spooked by fireworks, and ran off.

"I told you they'd find her," her owners said during an emotional reunion a few days later.

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