Motorist Attacks Another Driver With a Shovel in Bizarre Road Rage Video

Police in England are trying to track down the suspected shoveler.

Authorities in England are investigating a minor crash that quickly devolved into a major case of road rage earlier this month.

Manchester Police released footage this week from the November 9 incident following a collision of two trucks in the town of Eccles.

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At about noon that day, the two vehicles had both pulled onto the shoulder of a road when two men got out of their truck to swap details with the driver of a pickup.

According to police, the driver of the pickup purposely reversed into the truck after hitting the driver. 

The driver of the pickup then tried to get into the cabin of the other truck, cops say. When the driver and passenger locked themselves inside, the pickup driver allegedly smashed the window with a shovel.

Now police have released surveillance video of the shocking incident in an attempt to identify the pickup driver. 

"This attack was unbelievable, and has been clearly captured on CCTV," John Cavanagh of Greater Manchester Police’s Roads Policing Unit said in a statement. "Luckily neither of the men [was] seriously injured. However, they have been left terrified by the incident."

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The statement went on: 

"The driver and passenger in the [truck] were just trying to get on with their day’s work when they collided with the man in the pickup truck, accidents happen and they were attempting to deal with the situation in an appropriate manner. No one could have anticipated the level of violence they would then fall victim to."

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