Grandparents Celebrate 70th Anniversary by Posing for the Wedding Photos They Never Had

There were no cameras at their 1946 wedding.

Grandparents Ferris and Margaret Romaire celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary by posing for the wedding photos they never had the opportunity to take.

When the couple married in November 1946 in a 15-minute ceremony, there were no cameras present to document their union.

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Their granddaughter, Amanda Kleckley, thought it was important that the high school sweethearts have some images to celebrate their nuptials, even if they were a little late.

“I thought they should have photos to celebrate their special relationship,” Kleckley told

Kleckley contacted her friend Lara Carter, who owns Lara Carter Photography, to do the Texas photo shoot.

Her 89-year-old grandma initially said she didn’t have anything fancy to wear so Kleckley’s mom took her out to find a dress.

She said her grandparents thought it was a silly idea, but when the photos were taken on October 12, they "got really into the photo shoot."

“It was fun. It was like a mini-party. My grandparents thought the whole thing was funny but as time went on they got more serious and you could tell how genuine and happy they are,” Kleckley said.

Ferris, 90, donned a suave tuxedo and Margaret wore the lavender dress she found at a thrift store for $5.

"You can see the love between them in just the way they interact with each other and laugh together as we would go from the different poses, which to me shine through in their images," Carter said of the photo shoot.

Kleckley said it was an important moment for her as well.

“My three children were at the shoot as well so it was special for me... just how lucky I feel that they are in great health and that my children also get to spend time with their great grandparents,” she said.

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Although the shoot was a great memory, Kleckley said she's learned things about marriage that she will always remember, thanks to her grandparents.

“They’ve taught me to always have a sense of humor and that it’s more to resolve conflicts than to be right all the time,” said Amanda.

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