Woman Went Berserk Over Car Towing Bill

A woman went ballistic in a towing company office when her car was towed and it was all caught on tape. INSIDE EDITION has the shocking details.

It was an amazing scene caught on tape: a woman went berserk after her car is towed. Tiffany Nealous even threw something at the camera.

TV reporter Abigayle Sloan of Grand Rapids, Michigan shot the video as Nealous trashed the offices of the tow truck company. She was furious when she received a $220 bill for towing her wrecked car after a crash.

"She starts laying into this guy, punching, kicking, screaming and cussing at him, 'I want my car! I want my car!'" Sloan told INSIDE EDITION.

The tow truck company staff pleaded with Nealous to stay calm. Incredibly, her child witnessed the entire freak out. The boy cried hysterically.

Sloan had to barricade herself into the bathroom to call 911.

Sloan: This lady is going nuts. She's trying to break into this door!

911 Operator: Are you outside of the building now in a safe place?

Sloan: No, no. I'm barricaded in the bathroom!

The shocking aftermath was the office of the towing company totally trashed.

Nealous was still angry when she was arraigned on closed circuit TV and said to the judge, "Don't just read off your paper what someone else wrote down for you."

She faces up to five years in prison if convicted.