Sean Penn's Crash at Brad Pitt's House

Sean Penn banged up his car in an accident at Brad Pitt's house in Los Angeles. INSIDE EDITION has the details. 

Sean Penn looked distressed after a bizarre Valentine's-day accident at Brad Pitt's house.

Witnesses say Penn scraped the side of his truck as he went through the gates of Pitt's estate in Los Angeles. You can see the damage highlighted by photographers' flashes as Penn drove away two hours later. A worker at the house picked up what appeared to be a piece of a broken tail light.

And in the wake of those much-denied rumors that Brad and Angelina Jolie were splitting, is she offering him an olive branch? Angelina is said to have bought Brad a $14,000 olive tree for Valentine's day for their chateau in France. Why so expensive? It's 200 years old.