A New Miss San Antonio Takes Over Crown

A new Miss San Antonio is crowned after the former beauty queen was stripped of her crown. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

The new Miss Antonio was crowned in a courthouse! Her name is Ashley Dixon and she won the crown after her rival was stripped of the title.

Dominique Ramirez was Miss Antonio and is a size two, but she says she was stripped the crown because she gained too much weight. She also says the President of the pageant went on local radio and told her to lay off the tacos.

 "I said, 'Get off the tacos, get off of the chips and the sodas and things like that,' because she's seventeen, that's what these kids eat and then you know she just continued to gain weight,"  the board President told KSTA in San Antonio.

Pageant officials deny firing Ramirez because she's too fat. They say she didn't show up for some of her official duties. In court, a judge turned down Ramirez's request to keep her crown. The first runner-up, Ashley Dixon, was named Miss Antonio as soon as the order came down.