3 Pygmy Marmosets Reunited With Family After Being Stolen From Zoo

Gomez, Sophia and an unnamed 4-week-old pygmy marmoset were returned in "OK condition, hungry and understandably scared."

After an exhaustive search, three pygmy marmosets have been reunited with their family after vanishing for several days.

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The three tiny marmosets — 10-year-old Gomez, 10-month-old Sophia, and a 4-week-old that has not yet been named — were stolen out of Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia, last weekend, according to a statement from authorities.

Two men in their twenties, who were believed to have broken into the zoo overnight, were reportedly arrested on charges relating to theft the following day, after their car was found nearly 20 miles from the zoo.

Inside the vehicle, authorities found the baby marmoset alive.

In a statement authorities released after the rare monkeys' theft, "the younger animal is at a particularly fragile age and needs to be reunited with its mother in order to be fed."

Sophia was found by police later that same evening and turned over to the zoo in "OK condition, hungry and understandably scared."

The following day, Gomez was found left in a box on a veterinarian's doorstep. He was later reunited with his family at the zoo.

Although the entire pygmy marmoset family was shaken up and traumatized by their disappearance, the Symbio Wildlife Park reported on Wednesday that the family is slowly reverting back to their normal selves.

"Mum [is] starting to return to her usual cheeky and confident self," the zoo wrote. "Some of the other family members are still a bit shy in the presence of people, but all doing well."

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In a video released by the zoo, the returned trio could even be seen bonding with their family, and munching on their favorite treats.

The exhibit continues to be closed to the public in order for the pygmy marmosets to bond and readjust to their family. 

Reunited, and it feels so good!

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