Parents Rush to Disarm Son Who Stole Their Guns and Took Them to School: Cops

A Utah couple rushed to their son's school after realizing a shotgun and a pistol were missing.

A tense situation was diffused thanks to a couple who rushed to their son's school after realizing he had taken two of their guns with him, according to reports.

The parents showed up to their 15-year-old's junior high school Thursday morning after the teen reportedly concealed a shotgun and a pistol in his coat.

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Just as Mueller Park Jr. High School was set to begin, police say the suspect walked into a science class and, without saying a word, fired a round into the ceiling.

According to the Bountiful Police Department, the suspect did not point the gun at anyone but instead placed the gun to his neck, and it appears he may have been trying to commit suicide, police said.

The parents later told police they'd observed odd behaviors as their son was leaving for school that morning.

Upon checking the home, they discovered firearms were missing and immediately went to the school, a police statement said.

As the parents were in the hallway looking for their son, they heard a gunshot and ran to a classroom where they encountered their son and disarmed him, then physically detained him, police said.

There were no injuries to any students, faculty, or the suspect, cops said.

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The teen was booked into Farmington Bay Juvenile Detention Center on multiple charges stemming from this incident.

Authorities have thus far declined identify the teen or his family.

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