The Rescued Animals That Got a Little Help From Science to Get Back in the Swing of Things This Year has rounded up the most notable moments where science met nature to help these animals get back into the swing of things in 2016.

Some animals in dire need of medical attention got exactly what they needed this year, thanks to a boost from science to help them — in some cases, literally — get back on their feet.

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In February, a paralyzed baby bunny at a New York State farm was able to move around again, thanks to the owners of Overlook Acres. The farm proprietors crafted a wheelchair out of a miniature skateboard and a sock.

Thanks to modern advances in technology, a tortoise was able to get a 3D-printed shell in March after the reptile was injured in a fire. Veterinarians, 3D designers, and artists in Brazil all banded together to help Freddy the tortoise get a new built-in house.

That same month, there was a baby goat in Colorado who lost his back legs to frostbite has learned to walk again with the help of prosthetics and a loving owner.

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In August, a dog in Thailand was given prosthetic legs after they were savagely cut off by a man with a sword. The Soi Dog Foundation was notified of the cruel attack, immediately taking Cola the dog to a veterinary clinic. They even covered all of the dog's expenses.

For more ways on how science aided animals, check out our video above.

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