A True Jailbird: Police Let Man Take Mugshot With His Pet Bird That He Brought to Court

He didn't know he'd be arrested on the spot, so he brought his pet with him.

A bird joined her owner in a mugshot after he brought the parrot with him to court and was then arrested.  

Craig Buckner left his parrot, named Bird, in a tree outside an Oregon court while he saw the judge, not thinking he would be arrested on the spot.

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When Buckner, who was called to court for failing to comply with a previous release agreement, learned he had to turn himself in immediately, he became distraught at the thought of leaving his bird outside, according to police.  

"He told our deputy, Shoana McKelvey, about his concerns," Washington County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Bob Ray told the Dodo. "She knew the bird would not survive, and she knew the bird was a very close pet of his. We all know that pets are a part of the family."

McKelvey reportedly tried to get the bird to come down herself but to no avail so she brought Buckner outside and the parrot flew right down to his owner’s shoulders.

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Ray said they then let Bird join Buckner in his mugshot.

"How could we resist? How many opportunities are there to have a feel-good moment like that?" said Ray. "It's all about compassion, realizing how important this bird is to him. Buckner was very appreciative, and we felt good about being able to do that." 

Buckner had a friend come and retrieve the bird.

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