How to Get Cameron Diaz's Buff Biceps

Cameron Diaz has been receiving lots of attention after showing off her newly buff arms. INSIDE EDITION went to Peter Anthony Fitness in New York to find out just how she got those amazing biceps.

Cameron Diaz is showing off incredible arm muscles these days. She's "ripped!" It turns out she's been training like crazy with her boyfriend, New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez!

INSIDE EDITION wanted to find out how she got such fit arms, so we went to Peter Anthony Fitness in New York, where celebrity trainer Chris Sainsbury put INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney through the same paces that gave Diaz her ripped arms.

Sainsbury tells McInerney the secret to great arms: "Work!" he says.

Sainsbury and McInerney tried out a tug-of-war exercise Diaz was photographed doing with A-Rod.

Another exercise Diaz did was hoisting a tractor tire, but Sainsbury says that is not the safest way in the world to exercise.

"It can be very dangerous," he told McInerney.

Instead, he demonstrated an alternative exercise that yields the same results as the tire hoist.

Diaz and A-Rod also did "slant" exercises and believe it or not, he gave up on the workout before she did!

The "slant" is a full body exercise and it wears you out quickly.

Sainsbury says to hold the pose for about 30 seconds.

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