Dog Still Waits for His Best Friend When He Sees School Bus, Even Though She Left for College

He peeks out the window every time he hears the school bus approaching.

One loyal dog still waits for his best friend to get off the school bus every day, despite the fact that she’s already gone off to college.

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Next to the Twitter image of her dog, Bo, peeking out their home window, Carly Dunn wrote, “I've been in college for a whole semester and my dog still waits for me to get off the bus.”

I've been in college for a whole semester and my dog still waits for me to get off the bus

November 29, 2016

The post has since been retweeted 23,000 times.

Carly is in her first semester at Georgia State University and Bo, a border collie mix, obviously misses her.

“We're super close and my parents always say how I'm his favorite person and I was basically always home with him every day the most,” Dunn told

Dunn often rode the school bus home during her senior year of high school and the pup began to associate the sound of the bus with Dunn's arrival. 

“Every day when I rode the bus and the bus would drive past my house once and then turn around at a cul-de-sac at the end of my street and then drive back up the hill to get to my bus stop, and every day I would see his little head peeping through the window waiting for me to get off the bus,” Dunn said.

Dunn said Bo would watch her walk down the street until she got close and then run to the door to greet her.

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“I think he was just so used to me getting off the bus every day,” said Dunn. “My dad works from home once or twice a week and he tells me every time the bus drives by he runs over to his little lookout window to see if I'm getting off.”

But, Bo is in luck because Dunn said she’ll be home for the holidays and will reunite with the beloved pup. 

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