My Deer Friend: Hunter Befriends Gentle Animal Seen Wearing a Scarf

The deer's scarf was orange, meaning that someone didn't want him to be shot.

One hunter went out into the woods in Wisconsin the day after Thanksgiving to find some game but ended up leaving with an unexpected friend.

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Brian Powers was out hunting deer near Wausau, Wisconsin, and saw a deer wearing an orange scarf in the woods.

Orange is a significant color for hunters because it signals not to shoot.

Powers was surprised by what he saw, and he first believed it was someone’s pet. He then spent 10 minutes petting and filming his new friend, who didn't seem afraid of him.

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In the video posted on YouTube, he tells his new friend: “It's a good thing someone put that orange scarf on ya buddy. Keep your head low man, make sure people see that orange, all right?"

Powers told Inside Edition: "Who would believe it? Hunting deer and the deer walks right up to you wearing an orange scarf." 

He added that the deer had "no fear at all."

"I called him over and he came right over," Powers said. 

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