Santa Arrives at Children's Hospital in Armored Truck, Thanks to Local Sheriff's Deputies

With sirens wailing and lights blazing, Santa Claus brought gifts to a children's hospital.

Santa arrived early – and in an armored truck, no less – at a children’s hospital in Nebraska.

Mr. Claus had a fancy ride as he rolled up to the Nebraska Medical Center in a convoy of Douglas County Sheriff’s cruisers, all with lights flashing and sirens wailing.

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The deputies came bearing holiday gift cards and Christmas cheer for the kids whose temporary home is now a hospital room.

“A lot of kids have organ transplants, or are cancer patients, and some have traumatic injuries," hospital spokeswoman Jenny Nowatzke told

“These kids are in really bad shape and their parents don’t have a lot of money.” So with the gift cards, moms and dads can buy what their children desire for Christmas and “tell them it came from Santa,” she said.

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There were 24 children eagerly awaiting the dramatic appearance of Santa on Saturday. Some had lost their hair to chemo, some were tethered to IV stands, and some of the sick fell asleep despite the excitement.

But most were very happy to see the deputies and their bearded, red-suited guest.

It’s something the sheriff’s department looks forward to as well.

“They love giving back,” Nowatzke said of the deputies. “I think sometimes it’s more fun for them than it is for the kids.”

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