Authorities Reveal Final Texts Sent by Oakland Fire Victim: 'I Love You. I'm Going to Die'

The news comes as 10 additional victims were named.

Hundreds of people took part in a candlelight vigil in Oakland Monday night to honor the victims of the “Ghost Ship” artists’ colony, where a warehouse inferno left dozens of people dead.

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The vigil occurred as authorities revealed a heartbreaking final text message that a terrified victim sent as the building erupted in flames.

Alameda County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Ray Kelly said he spoke with some of the families following the tragedy, and one mother showed him a text message that read: “I love you. I’m going to die, Mom.”

Sgt. Kelly told the Associated Press: “I think it’s important to recognize messages like these. Victims were inside and aware that they were going to die.”

Many of the 36 people who lost their lives were artists and musicians. The names of 10 more victims were released Tuesday.

The newly identified victims were Em Bohlka, 33; Micah Danemayer, 28; Chelsea Dolan, 33; Feral Pines, 29; Alex Ghassan, 35; Michela Gregory, 20; Edmund Lapine, 34; Jennifer Morris, 21; Benjamin Runnels, 32; and Jennifer Kiyomi Tanouye, 31. They all came from the Bay Area.

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One woman who used to live inside the building told Inside Edition that the conditions inside were “horrific.”

She added: “There were no alarms. I didn’t know of any fire extinguishers. There were no sprinklers, there is wood everywhere."

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