After Turning 21, Stranger Returns Woman's Lost ID a Year Later: 'I Used it For a While'

Christina Egan lost the ID at a bar in New York City.

Christina Egan thought she'd never see her lost ID again.

So when the 23-year-old opened an anonymous piece of mail with her old ID in it, it was quite a surprise, but it was the funny note inside that really caught her attention. 

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“When I received the letter, I racked my brain trying to think of who I knew in the Albany area,” Egan told “When the ID slipped out, I was confused because I had forgotten about the situation.”

Egan had lost the ID while out at a bar one night and forgot about it after getting a new one.

So when she read the note inside of the greeting card the ID was in, she got a good laugh.

“Found this on the floor of a bar about a year ago, hope you don’t mind I used it for a while. But – now I’m 21 so you can have it back! Thanks,” the note read.

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Egan said she can only imagine the good times her ID had given someone.

“I thought it was hilarious. I'm sure she was just trying to enjoy her last few years of college. No harm, no foul,” said Egan. “I didn't mind at all, I get it. I was that age once too!”

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