Intern Joins Police Officer on Ride-Along, Helps Deliver Woman's Baby on Side of the Road

She didn't make it to the hospital in time.

A Michigan state trooper and a police intern swooped in to help a woman in labor, who couldn’t get to the hospital in time.

Trooper Owen McGuigan was on patrol with college student Emily Paulson over the weekend when he got a call about a medical emergency in a vehicle, but due to a language barrier, police didn’t know what the emergency was.

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But, when McGuigan and Paulson arrived on the scene, it didn’t take long to realize the woman was in labor and the baby was on its way out.

"I saw Owen pull back the blanket and I saw the baby's head and I thought, this is it, here we go. Prepare yourself,” Emily Paulsen told 9and10news.

Just eight minutes after they arrived, the woman gave birth.

It wasn’t Paulson’s first ride-along, according to McGuigan, but he said he still wasn’t sure if she was going to back off and let him handle it.

“I didn’t know if she was going to participate but she was right there. She did a great job,” McGuigan told

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The pair helped keep the mother warm until the ambulance arrived.

“We were both holding the baby, I ran and grabbed some blankets and we were doing everything we could to make sure that the baby was crying and breathing and making sure the mom was breathing okay. It was quick, it was too quick to think, you just had to be active,” Paulsen said.

Mom and baby were in fine condition and were transported to the hospital once medics arrived.

“It’s the first time it has happened in 22 years. It was definitely an experience to bring a life into the world,” said McGuigan.

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