Watch This Polar Bear's Adorable Reaction as She Experiences Snowfall for the First Time

Polar bear Nora was caught having a blast in the snow at the Oregon Zoo.

There's no business like snow business for this adorable polar bear cub, who was seen going absolutely bonkers as the white stuff fell in Oregon’s for the first time this winter.

Nora captured the hearts of thousands when she was first introduced to the world at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio last year after the heartbreak of being rejected by her mother.

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Since then, she has brightened up the atmosphere at her new home at the Oregon Zoo.

In a video posted to the Oregon Zoo's Facebook account Monday, Nora is seen jumping up and down in the snow, tossing around a bin and happily shoving her face into the ice.

The 1-year-old also kicks around a ball and is caught wiggling on her back against a pile of snow. 

Many of Nora's admirers have been left disappointed recently as the zoo decided to close public viewing to minimize distractions as she adjusts to her new surroundings.

“Visitors might see more of her in the coming weeks, but that’s all up to Nora,” said senior keeper Nicole Nicassio-Hiskey. “We understand how excited people are to see her, and we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding. Her welfare has always been the guiding principle for us."

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In October, followed Nora as she had the time of her life in a kiddie pool filled with ice. 

In the meantime, the Oregon Zoo website and Facebook page will keep Nora's fans updated with other insanely cute videos of their favorite polar bear and until a companion for Nora arrives.

For now zoo officials say they will "care for her with enrichment, positive-reinforcement training and opportunities to participate in conservation science."

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