Catherine Zeta-Jones Claims Paparazzo Punched Her

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones was caught on camera losing her cool in London after she claims a photographer punched her in the face as she entered her hotel. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

There was yelling, pushing, and allegedly a punch was thrown. An irate Catherine Zeta-Jones lashed out at a photographer after the actress claims the shutterbug punched her in the chin as she walked into her London hotel with husband Michael Douglas.  

The furious Zeta-Jones flipped out, shouting, "How dare you punch me!" and, "I want a police officer right now! He punched me in my face." Douglas, who just won his battle with throat cancer, rushed to his wife's defense, lunging and grabbing the photographer while yelling expletives.

The incident took place on the end of a very civilized day. Zeta-Jones was honored as a Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

After the fiasco the actress appeared to be in pain and was holding her hand to her lip. But the couple looked no worse for wear today at Heathrow Airport, on their way back to Los Angeles in time for the Oscars®. Both were impeccably dressed and accompanied by their young son.

This latest incident isn't Zeta-Jones's first clash with paparazzi. She had a memorable meltdown when she was mobbed by cameras at JFK Airport in September at the height of her husband's battle with cancer.

That confrontation seems minor compared to this altercation.

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