Disabled Veteran and His Service Dog Both Get Jobs at Lowe's

Clay Luthy and his service dog, Charlotte, are both proud employees of a Lowe's home improvement store in Texas.

Clay Luthy is a disabled veteran once desperate to find work. He wanted to stay busy, and he wanted to contribute.

But his service dog, Charlotte, is his necessary and constant companion. Wherever he goes, she goes. And what company is going to hire a man and his dog?

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For Luthy and Charlotte, it was a Texas Lowe's store.

At the chain’s home improvement store in Abilene, Luthy works part-time, looking spiffy in his Lowe’s vest with Charlotte in tow. She looks professional in her own store coat, which her master sewed for her.

"Instead of medicine, I have Charlotte," the veteran who served in Qatar and Uzbekistan told CBS affiliate KTAB-TV. After multiple knee surgeries, the military ruled he couldn’t re-enlist, Luthy said.

So when he applied at Lowe’s, he took Charlotte with him — and no one there had a problem with that.

The manager he spoke to said, “Absolutely... We’ve got service dogs at work throughout Lowe's,” Luthy recounted.

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Luthy and Charlotte have been walking the store’s aisles for two months now, much to the delight of customers who stop to give Charlotte pats and rubs.

Luthy is happy not only for the company, but also for Charlotte’s diligence at her own job, which is to look out for him and to stay attuned to any possibility of a medical or a psychological problem.

"She alerts me before I have a clue of anything that’s going on,” he said. “And that’s what’s so good — so I don’t have [any] issues."

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