Tensions Mount on Texas A&M Campus as Alt-Right Leader Richard Spencer Speaks at University

He told those inside the venue: "At the end of the day, America belongs to white men."

There was a chaotic scene at Texas A&M University Tuesday night as riot police faced off with protesters furious at the appearance of National Policy Institute leader and white nationalist Richard Spencer.

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Inside, a protester in a clown outfit held a sign reading, "he's the real bozo."

Spencer spoke in front of 400 people for nearly two hours inside the campus’ Memorial Student Center and said at one point: “at the end of the day, America belongs to white men.”

With many of the people inside the venue protesting, tensions continued to mount outside on the College Station, Texas campus.

Police made two arrests and confirmed on Twitter that those taken into custody were not students. The charges of those arrested have not been revealed.

Spencer has drawn new attention to the term “alt-right” and has described in the past his vision of “a new society, an ethno-state that would be a gathering point for all Europeans."

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He has also called for “peaceful ethnic cleansing.”

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