Man Living Near Prince's Estate Pays Tribute With Christmas Lights Set to 'Purple Rain'

"[His death] struck our community. It was just timely with the passing," said Mike Staudt, who lives near Prince's former home in Paisley Park.

"Purple Rain" is more than the name of a song for this Minnesota man, who decorated his home's holiday display with purple lights as a tribute to Prince.

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Mike Staudt, who lives near the Paisley Park home of the legendary musician, decided to honor Prince's memory by adding a purple homage to his home's annual holiday display.

"It's designed to pay tribute to Prince and his fans," Staudt told "[His death] struck our community. It was just timely with the passing, and this is the one time of year where our family does something meaningful and hopefully relates to people."

He explained he and his family were only casual fans of The High Priest of Pop, but he wanted to put together the display for locals and faraway fans who might be travelling to Prince's estate, which has now been turned into a museum.

The 90-second light show is even timed to Prince's hit, "Purple Rain," and includes motions that evoke the hit song's title.

The purple display comes on during a six-minute intermission during his home's more traditional Christmas-themed light show, timed to 14 minutes of holiday music passersby can hear by tuning into an FM channel.

Staudt said at least 50 cars stop in front of his home between 5:40 p.m. and 9 p.m. every night to watch the display.

"It was originally meant to be a short tribute and a small part of our show," he joked. "It was never meant to be a main attraction."

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Even so, the entire display took Staudt more than 200 hours to create. He explained he first lit up the home, then used software to sync the lights to music. 

Staudt also hopes through the popularity of the display, he can encourage fans to contribute to his fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House, who hosted him and his family when his young son, Caleb, had open heart surgery earlier this year.

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