A 'Whole New World' of Happiness: Dedicated Mother Sews Disney Costumes for Daughter

Little Riley dresses up in sparkly gowns and adorable attire as characters from "Aladdin," "Alice in Wonderland," "Beauty and the Beast" and "Peter Pan."

A California mom has redefined the meaning of imagination by making adorable Disney costumes for her kids when she takes them on their regular trips to Disneyland.

Jennifer Ruvalcaba is a stay-at-home mom who has always been in love with the idea of dressing up in costumes. Her mother would often sew princess costumes for Ruvalcaba and her sister.

And it was that loving gesture that inspired Ruvalcaba to do the same for her kids, 4-year-old Riley and 1-year-old Liam, and she spent two years learning how to do it.

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"I didn’t go [to Disneyland] much as a child," Ruvalcaba told InsideEdition.com. "I would wear her costumes in the living room and use my imagination in the house”

But today, Ruvalcaba and her family live 20 minutes away from the "happiest place on earth" and go every other week to their favorite park.

Little Riley dresses up in sparkly gowns and adorable attire as characters from Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast and her favorite character — Peter Pan.

Depending on the type of costume, Ruvalcaba spends three hours of more sewing them up.

Ball gowns like her Cinderella or her famous Anna to Elsa Frozen transformation costume, took up to 6 hours. She buys her fabrics from a local bargain store to save money.

"I stay up all night doing these costumes for her because I spend the whole day with my kids and it’s worth it,” Ruvalcaba told InsideEdition.com.

Liam is also part of their magical fun. Ruvalcaba makes sure that he's included on their Disney days too.

After countless all-nighters and a lot of 'YouTubing,' Ruvalcaba told InsideEdition.com that her sewing skill had fans pushing for her to start a business making more costumes for other kids.

“They were like I would totally follow you if you had an Instagram and I wasn’t expecting a business to happen, but it did,” Ruvalcaba said.

And 65,000 followers later, Ruvalcaba launched her own Etsy business, where she makes Disney costumes for kids across the country.

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But anyone who wants one has to get in line behind her daughter when she has a special request.

Ruvalcaba's business helps her pay for her kids' annual Disney passes and other expenses for them. 

"Seeing kids dress up in my costumes is amazing. I had one party where her kid dressed up as Peter Pan” said Ruvalcaba.

Although Riley prances around with her tutu’s and "pixie dust," she is also learning how to sew just like her mother, and hopes to keep the family tradition alive while making her own costumes.

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