These Roommates Look So Alike That Even Their Friends Get Them Confused

Maria Concetta Indaimo and Elisabetta Capoccia, both 24, have lived together in Pisa, Italy - where they're often mistaken for twins.

These best friends are so similar, they even look alike.

For four years, Maria Concetta Indaimo and Elisabetta Capoccia, both 24, have lived together in Italy, where they're often mistaken for twins. 

But despite their near-identical features and matching curly hair, the young women are not related.

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The friends, who met during their first year of college in Pisa, star in the latest video by, a website that seeks to match people with their lookalikes across the globe.

"When I [first] saw a photo [of us] together, I was a little shocked because we are very similar," Maria said in the video. "It's very fun that I have a twin stranger; we have lots of funny stories."

They dress alike and once, Maria asked Elisabetta to take a math test on her behalf.

"But I answered, 'no!'" Elisabetta recalled. "This is illegal in Italy!"

The women share the same friends, who sometimes get them confused. One pal, Giulia, said the day after she met Maria, she thought she saw her having breakfast. "So I started talking to her and she asked me, 'how can you know me so well if we never talked?'"

It turned out she was speaking to Elisabetta.

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The women told that they feel very lucky to have each other.

"For me she is very important in my life, like a sister," Elisabetta said. "We have a strong relationship and I love her." was launched by three friends in Ireland who wanted to connect with people who look just like them. They say everyone has seven doppelgangers somewhere on the planet, and so far, they've brought people together from across the globe to meet their lookalikes face-to-face.

One member of the trio, Niamh Geaney, has found three "twin strangers" so far.

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