'Seeing Eye' Camel Serves as a Guide For Zoo's Blind Horse

An unlikely friendship has blossomed in a Maine farm between a camel and a blind horse. Caesar gives Dolly special attention to guide her.

Dolly the blind horse gets by with a little help from her friend — a camel named Caesar — in an unlikely friendship that has blossomed on a farm in Maine.

Dolly and Caesar live at the Pony X-Press, a traveling petting zoo based out of Winslow, where they eat, sleep and play together in their own little barn.

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Dolly has been with Candis Veilleux, the owner of Pony X-Press, for nearly 10 years and when she discovered Dolly was going blind, it dawned on her that the horse would need a companion and special help.

Horses of Dolly's breed, Appaloosa, are much more likely to experience blindness than other types, Veilleux explained. Owners typically opt to euthanize the animals before the anxiety of not being able to see gets to them.

"They end up bumping into things, don't know really where to eat and it can be a lot stress," Veilleux told InsideEdition.com.

But in Dolly's case, Caesar stepped in.

While Dolly's eyesight was deteriorating, 1-year-old Caesar was the new camel on the farm — and he was on the hunt for a new friend.

"I checked up on Caesar one day and I saw that his gate was opened. At first, I thought he escaped but once I looked around I was surprised that I saw him with Dolly," Veilleux said. "They were just hanging out."

The two now sleep together and spend their days together. When Dolly is sleeping and swaying her tail, Caesar will station himself in front of it to fan flies away.

"I have never seen any type of friendship like it," Veilleux said. "Caesar only follows Dolly and they are inseparable. It's amazing." 

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Veilleux added that she wanted Caesar to meet her "cousins" on the farm, like alpacas or llamas, but he only has eyes for horse.

"It's just really nice how much they count on each other," Veilleux told InsideEdition.com.

For updates on Caesar and Dolly, check out the Pony X-Press Facebook Page.

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