James Franco and Anne Hathaway Face Tough Criticism as Oscar® Hosts

Reviews are mixed on this year's Academy Awards® broadcast, with some calling it the worst Oscars® ever. But others are defending the young actors who took on the hosting challenge. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

James Franco is reacting to all that criticism of what some are calling the "Worst Oscars®, ever."

Franco is already back at Yale University, where he's studying for a PhD in English. He took the red eye to the East Coast just two hours after wrapping up the Oscars®.

And the actor is also shooting down wild speculation that he was stoned during the show.

His mellow demeanor led newspaper critics across the country to call him, "heavy-lidded and smirky," "[in] a haze," and "preparing for a remake of Dazed and Confused."

But Franco says he was absolutely not stoned. He told the Chicago Sun-Times that when he smiles, especially into bright stage lights, he tends to squint.

Alec Baldwin, who co-hosted last year's Oscars® with Steve Martin, is speaking out in support of Franco and Anne Hathway as they face a stream of criticism.

Baldwin said, "I thought that they did a good job. I adore her. She's a great leading lady in the movies, and he's a great leading man in the movies."

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Baldwin at a Museum of the Moving Image event in his honor in New York, where he empathized with the two young co-hosts, calling it the toughest gig around.

"I was very lucky because when I did it, I had Steve," said Baldwin.

Franco and Hathaway are denying a report in Us Magazine that they actually hate each other. Franco's rep said, "This is absolutely not true." Hathaway's team said, "Anne had a wonderful experience with him."