Rare Black and White Twins

INSIDE EDITION sits down with the family that is making headlines for having a set of twins with one black child and one white child.

A set of twin toddlers are making headlines. Not because they are adorable, but because one is black and one is white! Triniti, the girl, is black and her brother Gabriel is white.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander sat down with the parents for an exclusive interview. The twins were born to mixed race parents. Triniti takes after her dad  Charles Cunningham, who is black. While Gabriel takes after his mom Khristi, who is white. The chances of this outcome are one in a million.

"What are the differences in their personalities?" asked Alexander.

"Night and day," responded Khristi.

Gabriel is all boy, the toddler gets into everything, and his sister Triniti is already a girlie girl. The parents say that they have a hard time convincing strangers that the kids are twins.

"What are some of the reactions you've gotten from people?" asked Alexander.

"We have gotten, ‘Oh my God they're twins!' ‘How'd you do that?' ‘Are you sure they have the same father?' and many more," said Khristi.

Alexander asked Dr. Holly Phillips how it happened. Dr. Phillips puts it down to a random act of nature and said, "Clearly both parents have the genes to create fair children and they also have the genes to create brown-skinned children. It just happened that it sorted in a really dramatic way."

"Do you see that twin connection?" asked Alexander.

"Yes absolutely. They definitely bonded connected I'm happy for that. We wanted a boy and a girl it was everything we asked for," replied Khristi.