Couple Speaks Out After Jewelry Store Worker Berated Man for 'Pathetic' $130 Ring

Ariel McRae says it's love that matters, not the rock.

A woman is speaking out after she claims her $130 engagement ring was ridiculed by a jewelry store employee — in front of her fiancé.

Ariel McRae became a viral sensation after her Facebook post described how her husband-to-be, Quinn, was made to feel ashamed for his choice of ring.

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“He looked so defeated and it really broke my heart,” she told Inside Edition.

McRae, who is studying to become a teacher, and Quinn, a service adviser for Honda, headed to a Pandora jewelry store near their home in Tennessee to pick out a ring.

They soon found a beautiful sterling silver and cubic zirconia ring that was within their budget, but when they went to pay, they couldn’t believe the store employee’s reaction.

“She said, 'that’s pathetic,'" McRae said.

She wrote at length about the experience on Facebook.

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"I would have gotten married to this man if it had been a 25 cent gumball machine ring,” the post read. “Why do material possessions equate love?”

After the post went viral, McRae said Pandora reached out with an apology, which she accepted.

Just five days after they bought the ring, the couple got married – with a $30 wedding band from Walmart.

“It's not really the ring that matters, it's the love that goes into buying one that matters,” McRae said.

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