Man Turns His Home Into Sanctuary for 300 Cats

He says he does it out of 'unconditional love.'

A New York man has turned his home into a sanctuary for 300 felines living in purr-fect harmony.

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Retired train conductor Chris Arsenault turned his Medford, Long Island, home into a sanctuary for homeless, abused, and injured cats.

He calls his place the “Happy Cat Sanctuary,” and altered his home for the felines to honor his late son, Eric, who passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident in 2006, according to Newsday.

The cats can play inside his home or in heated outdoor tents that he has set up.

His shelter has twice passed ASPCA inspection and the town says they have not gotten any official complaints from neighbors nearby.

Arsenault also relies on the help of volunteers who come to feed and play with the cats. He has a $1,000-a-week food budget and also relies on donations to maintain the felines' care.

He told CBS New York: “Their lives were so horrible, from not having food, or threatened of being poisoned or being dumped somewhere.”

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The only problem he has had with the cats is when he tries to go to bed, a majority of them will try to cuddle with him, often interrupting his slumber.

But while the playful kitties sometimes come between him and a goodnight's sleep, Arsenault won't complain, saying he cares for the animals out of "unconditional love." 

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