Staten Island's Talented Kids Choir Performs For INSIDE EDITION

INSIDE EDITION was there to welcome home the New York City public school choir that was a highlight of the Oscars.

The studentchoir of PS 22 from Staten Island, New York stole the show at the Oscars® when they performed a moving rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". The next day,  they dazzled Oprah Winfrey when they sang with Katy Perry.

"I said to Katy Perry, we should do this more often, we make a good team. She started cracking up!" one kid told INSIDE EDITION.

The question is, will those wildly talented kids from the PS 22 chorus ever return to planet earth?

"Oh yeah, we're living the life!" one girl said proudly.

INSIDE EDITION was there as the golden-voiced fifth graders from Staten Island enjoyed a victory meal at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood.

The young jet-setters suffered jet lag in the wake of their amazing journey to the Oscars®, which began when co-host Anne Hathaway visited their school in December. That's when she told them they'd be singing at the Academy Awards®!

The sweetest moment of all was when. during a special performance for INSIDE EDITION, Hollywood icon Eli Wallach walked in. Wallach who an honorary Oscar® for lifetime achievement at the Oscars the night before.

"This man is a legend!" the chorus leader told his students.

As the kids gave it their all, Mr. Wallach listened.

Then at last it was time for the kids to head for the airport for the long trip home, after an adventure they'll never forget.