Man Fakes Arrest With Help of Police Before Proposing to His Corrections Officer Girlfriend

He had planned the proposal for two weeks.

In an elaborately planned moment, caught on body cam footage, a corrections officer’s boyfriend proposes after being “arrested.”

Cameron Dean set up the proposal for his girlfriend Amber Kult, getting the officers at the police department where she works, Washington County Sheriff’s Department in Nebraska, to pretend to bring him in on an old warrant.

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“The boyfriend of one of our civilian corrections officers approached us about it and we said absolutely,” Sheriff Mike Robinson told “It was his idea to have a fake arrest and have him brought in.”

Robinson said everyone played along with the charade

“They gave me the story and I went with it on how they were going to arrest. They came to my job and picked me up and called it in as a warrant from a couple years back and she didn’t believe it because I tell her everything,” said Dean.  “She called down to dispatch to see if it was real and they were in on it.”

In the video, when they arrive at the department, Dean drops the ring by accident when officers ask him to clean out his pockets. 

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“He told me to empty my pockets and I took the ring out and the ring came out and then fell on the ground,” said Dean. “And then I proposed.”

Kult said yes.

“She was like ‘how did you get my entire department to do play along?’ She was ecstatic,” Dean said.

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