Sarah Palin Denounces TV hit show "The Family Guy"

Sarah Palin is speaking out about an episode of TV's popular animated show "The Family Guy," which she says made fun of her youngest son who has down syndrome. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Sarah Palin is denouncing the TV show The Family Guy, saying last Sunday's episode was "another kick in the gut."

The hit animated series seemed to be mocking her down syndrome son, Trig. The controversial scene depicted one of the main characters, Chris, on a date with a girl who has down syndrome.

On the show, Chris asked the girl, "What do your parents do?"

"My dad is an accountant and my mom is the former Governor of Alaska," responds the girl.

It's a clear reference to Sarah Palin. The girl is even wearing Palin-esque glasses!

Palin fired back on Facebook, but carefully distinguished between the Fox network and the Fox News Channel, where she works as a political commentator

"Fox Hollywood—what a disappointment," wrote Palin.

But the harshest rebuke came from Palin's eldest daughter Bristol, who wrote a long letter she posted on her mother's Facebook page in which she called The Family Guy "a pathetic cartoon show" whose writers are "heartless jerks."

"If they thought they were being clever in mocking my brother and my family, they failed," wrote Bristol.

The ladies of The View weighed in on the controversy, with Joy Behar coming to The Family Guy's defense, saying, "Who is to say a person with disabilities doesn't have a sense of humor about themselves."