Moose Rescued by Firefighters After Falling Through Thin Ice on Half-Frozen Canadian River

Emergency responders were waist-deep in frozen water as they hacked through ice with axes, attempting to lead the moose back to shore.

A moose was literally treading on thin ice when Canadian firefighters had to rescue it from having fallen into the freezing water.

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Half a dozen New Brunswick firefighters responded Saturday morning to the Shediac River, where a moose had fallen into the half-frozen body of water, and got itself stuck in the sub-zero river.

In videos and photos posted to the Shediac Fire Department's Facebook page, emergency responders can be seen waist-deep in the partially frozen river, and hacking through the ice with axes as they attempted to lead the animal back to shore.

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After about an hour working through the winter conditions alongside the Shediac Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources, "The moose was successfully led to shore," the Shediac Fire Department wrote.

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