Authorities Remove Charlie Sheen's Kids From His Custody

It was another dramatic scene last night at Charlie Sheen’s home as authorities removed Sheen's twin boys from his custody after his ex-wife claims he threatened her life. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Cameras roll as Charlie Sheen suffers yet another devastating blow. Cops arrived at his Los Angeles mansion last night and took his infant twins.

Sheen was unusually quiet in the exclusive video posted on His son fed him an apple as he said goodbye. He looked like any other dad would when he said goodbye—sick and heartbroken.

But by 4:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, Sheen was defiant again, appearing in a live shot on the Today Show on the street outside his gated community. He spoke directly to the mother of his twin sons, his ex-wife Brooke Mueller.

"Brooke, I'm sorry that you felt this had to be done in this way and I urge you to reach out to me immediately, if not sooner, and tell me where our sons are," said Sheen.

And he had gave this message to his children: "Bob, Max, it's Dada. I will see you very soon. You're right here," as he blew a kiss and winked at the camera.

Sheen has been temporarily stripped of custody after Mueller filed a restraining order in which she says, "I am very afraid that Sheen is currently insane," and "I am in fear for my life."

She claims Sheen threatened her, saying he was going to "chop [her] head off and present it to [her] mother."

Sheen denies making any threats.

Despite the end of their rocky marriage, Sheen and Mueller had remained on friendly terms. She even went on that now notorious vacation to the Bahamas last week with Sheen and his so-called "goddesses."

But there has since been a falling out. In her filing, Mueller says Sheen, "Started the trip in a good mood, but drank on the plane and became belligerent." Mueller claims he threatened to stab her in the eye with a knife.

After his kids were taken away, Sheen hit back at Mueller on with his girlfriend Natalie Kenly, posting a video in which he said, "How dare you! You're a better parent than me? Shame on you! Your day is coming and it's coming fast."

Sheen says he has photos showing Mueller doing drugs during the trip. He says he has a photo of the contents of her purse, showing her driver's license and drug paraphenalia.

Sheen's lawyer, Mark Gross, tells INSIDE EDITION that Mueller doesn't like the fact that Sheen has moved on with two pretty new girlfriends.

"He's moved on with his life and she hasn't, apparently. Charlie is a fit parent. The question is whether Brooke is a fit parent," said Gross.

The Charlie Sheen drama is on the cover of the new issue of People magazine. "What happened to Charlie Sheen?" reads the headline. It includes this bizarre quote from Sheen: "If I'm insane, I'm OK with it...This is not an act."

"Brooke said that she thinks that Charlie is insane and she actually fears for her life and her children," Joey Bartolomeo from People Magazine told INSIDE EDITION.

And in the early hours right after his Today show live shot, a somber Sheen met with reporters and apologized to actor John Stamos, who he had mocked after he heard Stamos was being considered to replace him on Two and a Half Men.

"I want to issue an apology to John Stamos. I was out of line. You're a beautiful man and a talented man, and if you get the gig, we should talk."

Meanwhile, Mueller is launching her own all-out attack on Sheen, releasing a text message in which she claims Sheen calls his own manager, Mark Burg, a "stoopid jew pig." The word 'stupid' is misspelled in the text.

But Sheen calls it a lie saying, "I would never, ever say that about my dear friend Mark."

And Burg himself doesn't buy Mueller's story, saying, "I've known [Charlie Sheen] for 13 years. I don't believe that he actually sent that text. For the record, since Brooke Mueller is Jewish, that would make Charlie Sheen's two sons also Jewish."

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd spoke with Mueller's step father, John Fiore, on the phone today. He told Boyd about the dramatic moment the kids were reunited with Mueller.

"The kids are yelling, 'Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.' These kids love her dearly. She happens to be a great mom," said Fiore.