Amazing Chase: Driver Weaves Past Police Cruisers Twice in Bizarre Highway Pursuit

A driver in Southern California managed to slip away from two police pit maneuvers before trying to walk away like nothing had happened.

A driver in Southern California managed to slip away from police not once, but twice in a very memorable police chase caught on camera this week. 

Aerial footage taken by CBSLA showed the incident start — and nearly end — like many other chases in the Los Angeles area: With a driver getting away until cops employ the pit maneuver.

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But this time, after a cruiser attempted the method of driving into the suspect's vehicle and causing it to spin to a halt, it didn't work out.

As the news cameras rolled, the driver managed to keep control of her vehicle while weaving around several cruisers before speeding off from pursuing police. 

During what ended up being a 90-minute chase in and around the city of Compton, the driver even managed to slip away from a second pit maneuver.

The driver then appeared to become increasingly erratic and turned off her lights as she drove into a residential neighborhood, where video showed her exit the vehicle.

Outside the car, the suspect appeared to try to play it cool by walking away like nothing had happened before crouching behind a wall.

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Thinking that might not be the best way to evade capture either, the suspect finally broke into a run.

That's when officers moved in and subdued her with a Taser. 

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