Couple Makes Plea After Mary Statue is Stolen From Nativity Scene: 'Joseph Doesn't Want to be a Single Dad'

The owners just want her returned.

It surely isn’t a “Mary” Christmas.

On a cardboard sign next to the nativity scene on the front lawn of a New Hampshire home, the owners have written: "Please help! Mary missing, Joseph doesn’t want to be a single dad."

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The scene’s Mary figurine was stolen last week according to Shirley Kula, the owner of the set.

“Last week I came around the corner and I noticed Mary’s was missing. I figured it was a prank. There are lots of colleges around,” Kula told “My husband and I talked about what we wanted to do and we decided the best way to get her back was to let people know she was missing in a way to get people talking about it.”

The couple has been putting up the scene for the last 15 Christmases, and are hoping someone will bring her back.

The family, however, didn’t file a police report because they believe the theft occurred as a joke.

“It’s has more of a sentimental value than monetary value,” Kula said. “I’m hoping if anyone knows where she is they just slip her back into the [stable] when I turn the lights out after 12 a.m.," Kula said.

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If they don’t get the mother of Jesus back, they won’t be doing the display next year.

“We haven't seen Mary yet but we’re hopeful,” Kula said.

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