Mailed It! Postal Worker Saves Christmas as She Rescues Packages From Burning Truck

The truck started smoking while she was driving.

A North Carolina postal worker has become a holiday savior as she saved packages from a burning mail truck this week.

The truck started smoking and then caught fire near its engine while the carrier was on her route Tuesday, according to the fire department.

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The woman stopped the vehicle, jumped out, and began removing the packages with the help of a stranger, according to the police report. 

“We saw the mail carrier lady and a local neighbor helping take all of the Amazon packages out of the back while the truck was on burning immensely,” bystander Dominic Manzo told

Manzo captured the ordeal on video.

“The postal worker was very concerned and brave at the same time. She just focused on one thing and that was getting the packages out safely,” said Manzo. “It was a very scary but uplifting story at the same time.”

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The woman and stranger were able to save 99 percent of the packages from the burning truck.

“She saved a lot of people’s possessions for Christmas. We did the easy thing. Pulled up and put it out. She did the bulk of the work,” Wake Forest Fire Battalion Chief Ed Barrett told

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