Woman Finds Balloon Note From Boy to His 'Dad in Heaven' - and Responds on Facebook

The balloon landed in her yard.

In a sweet gesture, a stranger wrote a message of comfort to a little boy who lost his father after she stumbled upon a heartbreaking letter from the youngster.

A blue balloon landed in Suzanne Edwards’ yard in Georgia, but it was the note attached that stopped her in her tracks.

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“I saw something blue in the yard and when my husband came home he brought it inside,” Edwards told InsideEdition.com. “He had a tear in his eye and he said, 'read it,' and then I did and I started crying.”

The little boy had written his father, who Edwards said was murdered in front of him when he was just 4 years old, a Merry Christmas letter with a photo of himself and his mom attached.

“Dad, I wish you were here so we could have fun together. I wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope you tell God to give me those presents. I hope you are happy in heaven. If you are, ok then tell me. I love you, Alejandro,” the note read.

“My husband and I talked about the impact the note was having on us, It certainly made us appreciate our family and how lucky we are to have each other,” Edwards said.

Edwards thought the balloon couldn’t have gotten far so she took to Facebook because she didn’t want the boy’s letter to go unanswered.

In a post where she shared the boy’s letter, Edwards wrote “I am certain that your daddy didn't want to leave you or cause you to feel lonely or sad. But in Heaven, he is ok and he is happy. He wants you to be happy too!"

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The mother of Alejandro, who lives 20 minutes away, reached out to Edwards a few days later and thanked her for the message. She told Edwards she relayed the message to Alejandro and the boy cried.

“She said she felt like it was a miracle,” said Edwards. “I wanted him to be certain that any one in heaven is okay. I was so happy to know that it was well-received.”

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