3-Year-Old Boy Dies After Accidentally Hanging Himself With Window Blind Cord

Heath Lawson Bullard, Jr. became yet another victim of this silent household killer.

A Texas community is in mourning this holiday season after a 3-year-old boy became yet another victim of a silent killer found in households nationwide.

"A mother called in frantically about her child who was not breathing," Lt. Tim Jones of the Johnson County Sheriff's Office said after the tragedy in Cleburne Saturday night.

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According to KVUE, Heath Lawson Bullard, Jr. was strangled by the cord on household window blinds.

"It appears the child was strangled with something in the house accidentally," Jones said.

Tragedies like the one that befell Heath are shockingly common.

"In the past five days, two children in Texas lost their life on products their parents believed were safe," read a Facebook post from Parents for Window Blind Safety written in response to Heath's death. "These accidents have so many factors to them but the most important factor is that it happens to the best of parents. They are good people."

According to the group, which works to educate parents about the dangers posed by window blind cords, there have been around 600 cases of such strangulations since 1986.

Linda Kaiser with Parents for Window Blinds Safety said Heath's is the 11th such death in the U.S. this year.

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Heath's survivors include his parents, Dr. Heath and Brende Bullard of Cleburne and his sister, Jewell Bullard.

Funeral services for Heath are scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

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