Nutritionist Weighs In On Jennifer Hudson's New Body

Jennifer Hudson got rave reviews for her look at the Oscars this year, but INSIDE EDITION talked to one nutritionist who says enough is enough with Hudson’s dramatic weight loss.

Jennifer Hudson looked gorgeous at the Oscars® in her plunging tangerine Versace gown. But some are expressing concern about her new super svelte figure.

New York City nutritionist Marissa Sherry says Hudson is getting too thin.

"If she does continue to lose weight, it would be my concern that her body wouldn't be able to maintain it and it would become a little bit more obsessive," said Sherry.

Hudson, a spokesperson for Weight Watchers, has dropped a whopping 80 pounds on the diet plan!

She looks drastically different than the full-figured woman America first fell in love with on American Idol and in her Oscar®-winning role in Dreamgirls.

Sherry said, "The problem is the speed of her weight loss and the shocking difference. There are parts of her body that are starting to look too skinny."

Though she's been winning glowing praise for her total body makeover, this expert says enough is enough.