Blown to Britts: ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry Says Her Life 'Imploded' After Tow Truck Rant Went Viral

She said she was forced to endure a "tornado of vulgar and sexist insults."

The ESPN reporter who went on a nasty rant when her car got towed was subjected to such intense outrage that it caused health problems.

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In a lengthy interview with Marie Claire magazine, Britt McHenry revealed that her life "imploded" in the uproar that followed.

She says she was forced to endure a "tornado of vulgar and sexist insults."

"In dealing with all the stress, the vision in my right eye grew cloudy,” she told the magazine. “Everything was a blur. I went to a retinal specialist, who diagnosed me with a condition in which vision is impaired, often due to trauma or extreme stress."

The video of McHenry unloading on a clerk at the tow yard went viral when it was released in April 2015.

In the video she told the clerk to “lose some weight, baby girl” and “I'm on television and you're in a f***ing trailer, honey."

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McHenry later apologized for the rant.

ESPN wanted to fire the reporter but settled on a week-long suspension instead, according to reports.

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